Free ways to entertain yourself and grow at the same time.

At 5 foot something you should know that I don't mean "grow" in the literal and physical sense because I have not figured out how to make that happen yet, if I had I'd be financially independent already. With that being said, this post won't disappoint because it will help you grow your inner self [...]


Your money is your business!

Imagine a high earning business that you know a little about, this business runs 24/7 all year around and earns a very decent amount of gross profit every year. The owner of the business started small and has worked their way up putting their sweat and tears and dedication into their business. When they started [...]

7 Things I do that save me money

As part of of my 'how I save money' series, I decided to make this post describing some actions I take on a regular basis that save me some dollar dollar bills (or in reality- some poundy poundy pounds). I'm sure you have some amazing ways of saving money too so if you want to [...]

Hitting that frugality wall

And banging your head on it repeatedly... I love talking about the benefits of frugality - creativity, freedom, independence, confidence, contentment, environmental etc and it is incredible! It has changed my life! In June last year however, I hit a wall that I didn't see coming! I stopped making meals in batches, I stopped using [...]

My money story.

Hello there! Welcome to a page were I get really un-British on you and talk about money. Strap in, it's going to shake you to your socially appropriate core. No, not really but hopefully it encourages you to talk more to your friends about money! That's how my journey started... You see I was twenty [...]